What is IQAC

It is an accepted fact that higher education forms the basis of the knowledge society, a comprehensive system of creativity and innovation, which is crucially important for the sustainable socioeconomic development of a nation. Recently, higher education in Bangladesh has experienced a phenomenal growth, doubling in number of tertiary level students from 1.12 million to 2.61 million in last four years.
The present government headed by the Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is committed to change the landscape of higher education through enhancement of quality of higher education and research in the country. Her dream has been transformed into reality by her capable education minister Mr. Nurul Islam Nahid through establishment of universities, formation of accreditation council, opening up of channels of cross border higher education and upgrading the University Grants Commission into Higher Education Commission.
Establishment of Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) at the universities which is one of the major components of HEQEP would create an enabling framework to provide quality education.
 We welcome you to the IQAC-BUTEX Cell

Establishing a Quality Assurance Culture at Bangladesh University of Textiles

  1. Conducting credible self-assessment in program level and university level, and fixing improvement plan.
  2. Working with University’s authority and respective personnel for implementing the improvement plan over a target period to mitigate the deficiencies identified in self-assessment report.
  3. Building confidence of the stakeholders by ensuring best practices in curriculum, teaching-learning, assessment, and research in accordance with internationally recognized quality assurance practices.
  4. Improving professional skills, knowledge and attitude of teaching and associated staffs.
  5. Promote quality assurance practices to build-up a quality culture.
  1. To upgrade the quality of education within the university and ensure the sustainable improvement in all the operations of the university.
  2. To ensure continuous improvement in the entire operations of the university in general and the quality of teaching and learning in particular.
  3. To ensure stakeholders (such as parents, teachers, stuff, employers, funding agencies and society in general) connection with education system for improving quality and probity.
  4. To review existing policies & procedures and suggesting good practices.
  5. To co-ordinate all quality assurance (QA) activities at the university level; and liaise with UGC and other external QA agencies.
  6. To monitor & evaluate the self-assessment (SA) practices and processes through audit, survey and other instruments.
  7. To prepare the university to meet the external quality assurance assessment and accreditation requirements.
  8. To institutionalize the quality assurance culture within the University.
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